A CLI tool to help you build your own Experience App

npm version

The Showpad SDK

npm install @showpad/sdk --save-dev

To install the SDK globally, add the -g flag.

Creating your own Experience App

We have a separate guide on how to create your own Experience App.

Javascript API

The Javascript API reference can be found at https://showpad.pages.showpad.io/showpad-js-lib.

The SDK doesn’t support all of the javascript APIs functions. For a list of supported functions see supported functions.


Call --help or -h with every command to see all the options, eg. npx showpad --help, npx showpad experience --help or npx showpad experience serve --help


The showpad command is added to your ./node_modules/.bin folder, so just running showpad immediately will not work.

You can use ./node_modules/.bin/showpad to run the command, but perhaps it’s easier to use npx to run the showpad command. (You need npm >= 5.2.0 for this. If you have a lower version, you can install with npm i -g npx.)

More info on this blog post or in the package.

In all the examples, we ignore the usage of npx so just assume that all commands are prefixed by npx. So for example showpad auth should be npx showpad auth.

If you don’t want to use npx, the best solution is to install the sdk globally.


If you have questions or feedback, please contact us via support@showpad.com.

Browser support

Currently only Google Chrome is supported.


See the license at https://www.showpad.com/developer-terms